Bake Danish ‘kransekage’


Almond paste is used as a filling in pastries in many different cultures. In Denmark they bake it on its own and it’s not really Christmas until you’ve actually tasted this delicious treat. Aim to impress by serving small bites or building a layered tower of ‘kransekage’.

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Give aebleskiver a try!

Give aebleskiver a try!

Today one of our corporate officers from Denmark made a stop in and introduced our staff to Danish pancakes! They were delicious!

Known as aebleskiver (pronounced ebel-sku-wyr), these pancakes are round and fluffy, with a crispy shell and soft, doughy inside.

We had ours with strawberry jam and sugar but Jesper insisted that next time we should use powdered sugar!

Danish pancakes are at Traders Joes and we highly recommend them!