Bake Danish ‘kransekage’


Almond paste is used as a filling in pastries in many different cultures. In Denmark they bake it on its own and it’s not really Christmas until you’ve actually tasted this delicious treat. Aim to impress by serving small bites or building a layered tower of ‘kransekage’.

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Ricks Gift Pick!


This sheepskin is sheer perfection. Available in a wide variety of colors, this statement piece makes a big impression whether it’s thrown casually on your sofa or strategically on your floor. This is the perfect gift for the chic, bold and creative person in your life!

It’s cozy, trendy and luxurious!

Ellie’s Gift Pick!

Ellie's Gift Pick!

A great gift at a great price! This tray can be used in so many ways:

– in the hallway or bedroom as a catchall for jewelry, keys, and wallet

– in the bathroom to clear up countertop bottles of lotion, perfume, cologne or makeup

– on a coffee table as a stylish place to stack coasters and keep the remote

Or anywhere throughout the home as a cool graphic accent!

Ann’s Gift Pick!

Ann's Gift Pick!

This bulldog is a wonderful solution for the animal lover unable to have a pet, or an absolutely fabulous addition to any pet owner’s art collection.

The chrome plated sculpture is an ultra modern take on the ultra cute French Bulldog. It’s right on trend and is sure to please anyone!

After all who doesn’t love a puppy?

White Winter

by Shane Kalminski

Trendy, modern and in crisp white ceramics and porcelains, our cool collection of candle and tea-light holders are a hot item for stockings and gifts this season!

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