Bake Danish ‘kransekage’


Almond paste is used as a filling in pastries in many different cultures. In Denmark they bake it on its own and it’s not really Christmas until you’ve actually tasted this delicious treat. Aim to impress by serving small bites or building a layered tower of ‘kransekage’.

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Brett’s Marina City Dream Home

Brett Clark is an exclusive designer for BoConcept Chicago. He recently moved into the historic Marina City building downtown. Here, he gives us a tour of his new home and some insight into his personal design style.

“Studying interior architecture and living in Chicago’s Marina City has always been a point of interest for me. It feels like I’ve come full circle that I get to now call Marina City my new home.

There’s such innovation in the form and materials. Bertland Goldberg designed Marina City at the beginning of the 1950’s and since its conception it has been an iconic building, not only to Chicago, but to the era of mid-century modern design. Chicago is home to fascinating architecture, both old and new and when searching for a new place to live, I wanted to capture something special and unique.

After visiting many newly constructed and polished buildings, I was coming up short. Nothing had the character that I was looking for. Finally, I found an available unit in Marina City and my search ended. The apartment had been remodeled in certain aspects, but the quirky lines and atypical floor plan were still intact.

In choosing the design style for the furnishings of the apartment, I wanted to pull from the architectural aesthetic. It was important for me to pay respect to the architecture but to not have the space feel dated. I accomplished this by using a neutral color palette and brought color in through accent pieces, allowing me the flexibility to change things in out easily.

I chose pieces that had characteristics of mid-century modern and joined them with personal touches, such as my dads old album covers from the 60s and 70s which I framed and used as wall art. Overall, the design style is contemporary but feels like home. Using personal touches can have a wonderful impact to a space.” -Brett Clack, Conceptor, BoConcept Chicago

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Madison: Classic Comfort


The Madison is a uniquely customizable sofa system that offers the latest in design and technology. Go from a classic sofa to a comfortable recliner at the touch of a button with manually adjustable headrests or electric seat and headrest motion powered by cable or lithium battery. You can make the look all yours with over 100 fabric and leather options!

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Give aebleskiver a try!

Give aebleskiver a try!

Today one of our corporate officers from Denmark made a stop in and introduced our staff to Danish pancakes! They were delicious!

Known as aebleskiver (pronounced ebel-sku-wyr), these pancakes are round and fluffy, with a crispy shell and soft, doughy inside.

We had ours with strawberry jam and sugar but Jesper insisted that next time we should use powdered sugar!

Danish pancakes are at Traders Joes and we highly recommend them!

STYLELIFE at BoConcept Chicago

by Shane Kalminski

On October 26th, 2013 we teamed up with Chef Markus Ford of Elever Chicago and ABC’s The Taste to transform our showroom into a beautiful restaurant for one night only!

Guests enjoyed a delicious four-course meal, musical stylings of cellist Allegra Montanari and a fashion showcase featuring Crystal B. Designs and Ford Models.

All photographs were taken by Brett Bulthuis Photography.


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You’re Invited to an Exclusive Fashion, Food and Music Event…

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 12.41.40 PM

Theres still time to buy your tickets to STYLELIFE!
We have a four-course menu prepared by chef Markus Ford of ‘The Taste’ (his fare has been served to the White House, The Clintons, Princess Diana, Michael Jordan and other celebrities) specialty wine and cocktails (prepared specifically with BoConcept as the inspiration) performances by cellist Allegra Montonari of The Civic Orchestra of Chicago and a Fall Fashion Showcase with FORD Models and Crystal B. Designs.
Of course we’ll have BoConcept Swag Bags and a special discount to all attendees!
Use the code ‘BO’ to receive complimentary champagne!

BoConcept, Crystal B. Designs & STYLELIFE

With influence from cities and cultures around the world, BoConcept Chicago can think of no better brand than Crystal B. Designs to feature at our upcoming event STYLELIFE on Saturday October 26th.

With use of clean, tailored lines and modern details, designer Crystal Simms Fall Collection is sure to fit in seamlessly among the beautiful pieces in our showroom.

A night of fashion, music and elegance, STYLELIFE is not to be missed! Reserve your tickets here:

Use the code “BO” to receive complimentary champagne.

In The Spotlight: Allegra Montanari


Professional cellist Allegra Montanari enjoys a diverse career as performer, teacher and advocate for music in the community.  As the Founder and Director of Sharing Notes, she combines her love of music with a commitment to serve those in need.

As a performing artist, Montanari has played extensively in ensembles across the nation, performing with the Spoleto Festival USA, Civic Orchestra of Chicago and New World Symphony in Miami, Florida.

She’ll join the Sarasota Opera Orchestra in her second season as a section member for the Opera’s 2014 Winter Season.

Not only a performer, Ms. Montanari enjoys teaching the art of cello playing. A Registered Teacher for the Suzuki Association of the Americas, she maintains a small private lesson studio and is often invited to teach as a substitute at Chicago schools such as the Merit School of Music.

A resident of Lakeview, BoConcept is so excited to have Allegra involved in our upcoming event STYLELIFE, where she’ll be performing while guests enjoy a four-course meal prepared by Chef Markus Ford of Élever and ABC’s ‘The Taste.’

Below, Allegra answers a few questions about art, the Sharing Notes program and of course, Chicago!


What excites you about performing for an intimate setting like STYLELIFE?


I love performing in settings where people can not only me as a performer, but really get an up close view of what I’m doing. I know it isn’t every day that people have the opportunity to see a cellist playing – let alone in such a comfortable environment.

The chance to play for people in an approachable setting where people can learn more about the cello, the music I play and what I do as a musician is very exciting. The process of making music is fascinating and I love to share this with people!


What kind of selection can we expect at STYLELIFE?


I am going to be playing primarily (if not completely) selections from J.S. Bach’s Solo Suites for Cello. Bach’s music is from the Baroque period. The dance styles and beautiful characters he creates through his composition are a perfect musical accompaniment to such an evening as STYLELIFE. Bach is one of my favorite composers and these works are some of the most revered in the cello repertoire – I will play them at any chance I get!


Besides your art, what are your other passions or hobbies?


I am extremely passionate about the power of art, especially music, to make a positive difference in this world. I started an organization called Sharing Notes that provides opportunities for advanced students and young professional musicians to serve three Chicago hospitals with their gifts of music.

Running Sharing Notes has ignited in me a love for entrepreneurship – people following ways in which they can do what they love to help others – it is such an exciting field!

I’ve also always loved yoga, but recently started running and am now a big fan of trekking along LSD. I love exploring and taking advantage of all this city has to offer – especially making a visit to the Art Institute whenever I get the chance (I particularly love Dali and Picasso in the modern wing).


What are your top three favorite things about Chicago?


What I love about Chicago most is that it challenges me. It is a city with so many different sides to it and while you could choose to stay within one neighborhood or area – why would you want to? There is so much we can learn from what goes on in our city.

This brings me to the second thing I love – the people. I have met more inspirational and purpose driven people here than anywhere else I have lived. I’m proud to be a resident of this city.

Lastly (and less seriously), I love the lake. I don’t think this needs much explanation – while I wouldn’t want to drink from Lake Michigan, I love proximity to water. Running south toward the skyline, the view of the lake and the beautiful skyline makes my heart skip a beat almost every time!


Join us this Saturday, October 26th to see Allegra Montanaris stunning performances at STYLELIFE! To hear samples of her work or find out more about Sharing Notes, visit

You’re Invited to the Foodie Event of Chicago!

Looking for a fun, impressive date or a fabulous evening out?
Join us on October 26th for STYLELIFE where Executive Chef Markus Ford of Élever and ABC’s ‘The Taste’ presents a four-course dinner at his latest “Pop-Up Restaurant,” transforming BoConcept into an amazing restaurant for one night only!
The evening will be complete with live music by cellist Allegra Montanari, a fashion showcase and of course, fine wine and cocktails!
As a friend of BoConcept, use the code ‘Bo’ when you make your reservation to receive complimentary champagne. 
For all the details and to make your reservation, visit
Private Chef and Event Planner Markus Ford is known for his uncanny ability to appeal to the senses through the fusion of taste and style with his edible creations.  
Daring to pair unique combinations of traditional favorites with today’s culinary sophistication, Markus has presented his fare to former President Bill Clinton, the late Princess Diana and celebrities including Bette MidlerCandice Bergen and Michael Jordan.
We can’t wait to see you here!