Bake Danish ‘kransekage’


Almond paste is used as a filling in pastries in many different cultures. In Denmark they bake it on its own and it’s not really Christmas until you’ve actually tasted this delicious treat. Aim to impress by serving small bites or building a layered tower of ‘kransekage’.

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How BoConcept Chicago celebrated National Mustard Day…

by Shane Kalminski


Last night the team from BoConcept Chicago hit the town for a delicious evening at Girl & the Goat.

Every dish ordered was special and exquisite. Some of us felt especially adventerous ordering the grilled octopus (sorry Ursula) and the wood oven roasted pig face (it was better than bacon!)


Get your Little Mermaid on. Try the grilled Ursula with their specialty cocktail called the Flotsam and Jetsam. It’s on the secret drink menu so ask your waiter!

Executive chef and owner Stephanie Izard, an Evanston native and winner of Bravo’s Top Chef describes her restaurant as “rustic with a bit of badass.”

Located in the heart of the Randolph corridor in the posh West Loop neighborhood, theres still a sense of grittiness to the area that makes the whole dining experience a truly memorable one that effortlessly walks the line between casual and formal.

If you’re planning for an intimate dinner, make your reservations yesterday (they’re booked three months out!) but if you’re looking for a fun dining spot with a group of friends, you can opt to sit outside or at one of their large coffee tables in the lobby like we did!


Deliveryman Christian Alvarez, designer Ellie O’Leary, owner Francisco Figueroa, lead designer Ann Border, marketing coordinator Shane Kalminski, manager Joseph Sweiss, designer Rick Stewart


809 W. Randolph St.; 312-492-6262

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