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Chic enough to look stylish and complement your home but cozy enough to keep you warm and snug! We have simple knit classics in natural colors and modern, vibrant patterns in a wide assortment of hues! Check out the whole blanket collection online or stop in to our store to pick one up today!

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Did You Know?

At BoConcept.com, you can let your inner designer loose with our online design tool, Home Creator. Play with shapes, sizes and colors with detailed 3D graphics. The price is updated instantly! It’s easy to use and requires no downloads. Just click and create!

Up Close Inspiration

Henrik Pedersen graduated as a fashion designer in 1990 but uses his education to explore the full range of design. His interest for maths together with his wide-ranging experience give him an intuitive ability to quickly gauge if a new design will work or not. ‘Experience and knowledge help, but the difference lies in how you use it. Good common sense and a passion for your craft will take you far.’

One of Henrik’s first pieces of furniture was the iconic Imola chair for BoConcept, and he is one of the leading Danish designers of lamps. ‘I get inspired by seeing things up close. Maybe the handle on an old kitchen appliance or interesting colour combinations as food mix on the plate. Little details that can evolve into a complete product.’ Like the Imola chair that is inspired by a close-up of the lines on a tennis ball.

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The nendo wall shelf

The Fusion wall by nendo is unique collaboration with the perfect blend of Danish functionality, Japanese aesthetics and nendo’s talent for adding playful twists that create small moments in everyday life.


You can piece the shelves together or keep them separate to create a look that suits your space and lifestyle!

Brett’s Marina City Dream Home

Brett Clark is an exclusive designer for BoConcept Chicago. He recently moved into the historic Marina City building downtown. Here, he gives us a tour of his new home and some insight into his personal design style.

“Studying interior architecture and living in Chicago’s Marina City has always been a point of interest for me. It feels like I’ve come full circle that I get to now call Marina City my new home.

There’s such innovation in the form and materials. Bertland Goldberg designed Marina City at the beginning of the 1950’s and since its conception it has been an iconic building, not only to Chicago, but to the era of mid-century modern design. Chicago is home to fascinating architecture, both old and new and when searching for a new place to live, I wanted to capture something special and unique.

After visiting many newly constructed and polished buildings, I was coming up short. Nothing had the character that I was looking for. Finally, I found an available unit in Marina City and my search ended. The apartment had been remodeled in certain aspects, but the quirky lines and atypical floor plan were still intact.

In choosing the design style for the furnishings of the apartment, I wanted to pull from the architectural aesthetic. It was important for me to pay respect to the architecture but to not have the space feel dated. I accomplished this by using a neutral color palette and brought color in through accent pieces, allowing me the flexibility to change things in out easily.

I chose pieces that had characteristics of mid-century modern and joined them with personal touches, such as my dads old album covers from the 60s and 70s which I framed and used as wall art. Overall, the design style is contemporary but feels like home. Using personal touches can have a wonderful impact to a space.” -Brett Clack, Conceptor, BoConcept Chicago

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Madison: Classic Comfort


The Madison is a uniquely customizable sofa system that offers the latest in design and technology. Go from a classic sofa to a comfortable recliner at the touch of a button with manually adjustable headrests or electric seat and headrest motion powered by cable or lithium battery. You can make the look all yours with over 100 fabric and leather options!

Design your own perfect Madison here!

The Carlton Sofa Now 20% Off


The Carlton is a beautiful and modular sofa that gives you options for legs, sizes, fabrics and leathers. Create your own look that’s both delicate and strong with the soft but sturdy Carlton!

Dark and Sophisticated







“Dark, dramatic walls are back this season. They will be the perfect backdrop to your or your king-size bed filled with soft throws and cushions.

If you want to bring some cosiness into your home, try painting a wall in a dark color that matches the tone of your furniture. Bring in lots of natural materials such as wood and leather, and go for accessories in black, dark blue and gray. And last, but not least, add a bit of glam with shiny metallics that will lighten the whole look and make it look so elegant.” -Christian Hasselbrinck, Concepter, Colombia

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It’s More Than A Chair… It’s A Concept

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The Adelaide chair is so comfortable that your guests will find it hard to leave the table. You can mix and match different colors on seats and legs to create your own personal favorite. Do you want a chair that complements the table? Or maybe a chair that makes a strong statement? Or what about different chairs around the table? It’s up to you. We are here to help.

Design your own Adelaide chair here!

Small Living in Tokyo

When Mitsuya Nakata was looking for a new apartment, location was everything. When you want to live centrally in Tokyo, space often has to be the compromise.