Pillow Talk

by Shane Kalminski

Dressing up a sofa with decorative pillows is the easist way to transform your room quickly and affordably.

However, with so many options for pillow covers, it can be intimidating to make decisions.

Is this the right size?

Do I put this one here?

Do these colors look okay together?


A million questions arise when you’re trying to find the perfect match and more often than not, you go back home to the same pillows you bought when you purchased your sofa.

Fear no longer! By following a few simple rules of thumb, we can help you master the art of pillow arranging!

Step One. Change your Perception of Pillows

Pillows should be used for comfort but they should also reflect your style and individuality. The pillows that came with your sofa look nice, but leaving them on is like buying an outfit off the mannequin and keeping it on all year long.

It looked great in the Fall but you might want to reconsider this outfit for the Spring...

It looked great in the Fall but you might want to reconsider this outfit for the Spring…

Step Two. Think about your Lifestyle

Do you nap on your couch? When you host parties, do people avoid your side chair? Consider the furniture you have and how its used.

If you nap on your sofa, you’ll want to steer clear of pillows with rough textures or delicate beads.

If people aren’t using your side-chair, warm it up with a soft and inviting pillow.

Step Three. Don’t OVER-THINK it

I know I just told you to think about your lifestyle, but don’t over-think it. That’s when you start second-guessing your intuition.

If you find a cover you love but have no current use for it, get it! Otherwise, you’ll be back to the store a month later saying “I wish I had gotten that one!”

As your pillowcase collection builds, you’ll find ways to mix and match them recycling the old with the new.

Step Four. Be Creative

Mixing bold patterns with solids and different textures makes for a more stylish and complete look. Don’t be afraid to combine more formal, classic cases with whimsical desgins.

Be daring with your textures and patterns!

Be daring with your textures and patterns!

Remember, pillows are returnable! Try them out in the store, buy ones you’re on the fence about and test them out at home. If it doesn’t work, bring it back! Don’t stress about it, just have fun. Think of your sofa as a blank canvas and the pillows as your paint!

Step Five. Be Odd

This one is very simple; When it comes to design, odd numbers are more visually appealing than even numbers. Try to have an odd number of pillows in your space.


Some ratios that look great on a standard size three-seat sofa are:








Practice makes perfect so don’t worry if it takes a while to get the hang of it. Before you know it, you’ll be a pillow-master!

Come in to BoConcept Chicago and we’ll be glad to help you style (or re-style) your sofa!


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