Designer Profile: Cristian Alvarez

IMG_6299Born and raised in Azogues, Ecuador, designer Cristian Alvarez brings a colorful flair to all of his interior projects! Focusing on creating spaces that are urban, modern and meaningful, he takes time to get to know his clients in order to meet their needs and understand their personal style.

By combining the classic elements of modern design like clean lines and geometric forms with the unexpected, an element of nature, a soft textile or a colorful personal artifact, Cristian creates curated, beautiful and truly one-of-a-kind spaces!

“In my own space I have straight-line modern furniture enhanced with soft fabrics. The personal touch is a cross handcrafted in my native Ecuador. I believe every design should not only look pleasing, but also make a space comfortable and useful to its occupants.”

With four years of experience working at BoConcept, Cristian knows all the ins and outs of our collection. From understanding how the furniture is built to how to make it work in your home, Cristian is here to help turn your design dreams into reality.

To schedule a consultation with Cristian, email or call 773.388.2900.


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