Meet Oki Sato

Oki Sato is Japanese but his huge talent and distinct design touch have made him widely recognized on the international design scene. In 2012 he was announced Designer Of The Year by both Wallpaper Magazine and Elle Decor International.

Oki Sato is the man behind the fusion collection for BoConcept – a unique design collection that is inspired by origami and fusing different elements. It’s the perfect blend of two great design cultures: Japanese aesthetics and Danish functionality.


In 2002 Oki Sato founded his design studio nendo at just 24. The name is Japanese for modeling clay and it’s very descriptive for the nendo design philosophy:

“To transform people’s interaction with everyday objects by creating ‘small moments’ in everyday life.”

You can see this in each nendo design in the minimal yet characteristic form, with a pinch of humor and friendliness. Today nendo has offices around the world and can display an impressive list of awards, exhibitions and great designs.




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