Color Trends for 2014

by Shane Kalminski

Every year, the Chicago Merchandise Mart hosts NeoCon, a design exposition where over 40,000 design professionals from all around the globe share their newest innovations and ideas.

Of the countless seminars offered at NeoCon, the one I always look the most forward to is Color Pulse by Benjamin Moore. The team at Benjamin Moore does their homework, searching all over the world for the latest and trendiest colors.

Focusing on color, material and shape, the creative team at Benjamin Moore understands how multi-faceted the design process is and the importance of choosing the perfect color for your project. Through a comprehensive analysis, they’ve released the most prevalent color trends we’ll see in 2014.

Consider these options and how you could use them to create the home of your dreams.


Last year, teal and turquoise blues emerged at the top spot. Today, blue remains the most popular color, but mid-tones or inky hues with rich purple qualities are making a huge impact, as well as aqua blue used monochromatically.


The Milos sofa in aqua blue. Aqua will be a featured color in the BoConcept 2014 collection.


As society is becoming more conscious in sustainability and the environment, green is having a major influence on our color choices.

Avocado, chartreuse and kelly are still in style, but lighter limes and yellow-greens, as well as muted sage greens are going to be seen a lot in 2014.

Emerald is another shade of green to keep your eye on this year as the world-renowned color authority Pantone named it their color of the year.


The Ottawa sideboard by Karim Rashid for BoConcept.


Bold and bright red-orange colors are here to stay. Dominating the market will be hot oranges, but autumnal oranges will remain a popular choice for interiors.

Tomato red tones will be seen on the road as a trendy option for car buyers.


The Imola chair in red leather. We offer red and orange fabric and leather options!


A golden and sunny yellow with red undertones is making a strong impact this year, creating a warm and upbeat space.

Bold, neon yellows are an excellent choice this year as an accent color or an accessorizing option.


Our Smartville collection uses yellow as an accent color with neon-yellow stitching details and pieces.


The Smartville accessories collection.


Monochromatic, refined and deep magenta colors will be a standout in 2014.


The BoConcept Reflection rug in lilac.

Dustier rose colors, reminiscent of the 1980s will make a comeback and can be used to create a very elegant setting.


Complex wood tones that resemble bark or provide texture and depth are making significant strides in the design world. Bringing an element of nature indoors using wood fibers and details will continue to be a huge design trend.

Economy, politics and the overall state of the world, along with tons of other factors are considered and explored by Benjamin Moore in their forecast of colors for 2014.

Using any of these options will create a space that feels current and modern but with a sense of familiarity, comfort and refined style. The design team at BoConcept Chicago can help you with everything from accessorizing to space-planning; Come in and we’ll help add some color to your world!


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