Home Sweet Home

by Shane Kalminski

Homeowner Justin shares his experience working with our designer Ann and his new space!

“I’m living in a modern building and have lots of light and a pretty solid view, I wanted furniture with clean lines and a distinctly modern look that kept the space feeling open.  The white dining and coffee tables provided nice contrast against the grey toned walls and sectional, while the shelves were great in utilizing the large wall space in the back of the room.  When I walked into BoConcept I knew pretty quickly that this was the look I was searching for.”
look_8-174“Working with Ann was great – she took time to listen to what sort of look I wanted and even made a visit to see the space for herself.  We walked through choosing the furniture that would suit the space, and then she guided me through the gamut of colors and materials available for the pieces I had selected.  Needless to say, her recommendations were spot on and I am really pleased with the results. When I first saw the finished product I found it hard to believe that this was going to be my living room!”

To schedule your own in-home consultation with Ann, call 773.388.2900 or email ann@boconcept-chicago.com!


All images ©Brett Bulthuis Photography / brettbulthuis.com


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