STYLELIFE at BoConcept Chicago

by Shane Kalminski

On October 26th, 2013 we teamed up with Chef Markus Ford of Elever Chicago and ABC’s The Taste to transform our showroom into a beautiful restaurant for one night only!

Guests enjoyed a delicious four-course meal, musical stylings of cellist Allegra Montanari and a fashion showcase featuring Crystal B. Designs and Ford Models.

All photographs were taken by Brett Bulthuis Photography.


BB_BoConceptPopUP-2 BB_BoConceptPopUP-3BB_BoConceptPopUP-7 BB_BoConceptPopUP-8 BB_BoConceptPopUP-9BB_BoConceptPopUP-11BB_BoConceptPopUP-13 BB_BoConceptPopUP-14 BB_BoConceptPopUP-15BB_BoConceptPopUP-17BB_BoConceptPopUP-20BB_BoConceptPopUP-29 BB_BoConceptPopUP-30BB_BoConceptPopUP-32BB_BoConceptPopUP-36 BB_BoConceptPopUP-37BB_BoConceptPopUP-39 BB_BoConceptPopUP-40 BB_BoConceptPopUP-41BB_BoConceptPopUP-44BB_BoConceptPopUP-47BB_BoConceptPopUP-49BB_BoConceptPopUP-51 BB_BoConceptPopUP-52BB_BoConceptPopUP-54BB_BoConceptPopUP-57BB_BoConceptPopUP-59 BB_BoConceptPopUP-60 BB_BoConceptPopUP-62BB_BoConceptPopUP-68BB_BoConceptPopUP-70BB_BoConceptPopUP-73BB_BoConceptPopUP-75 BB_BoConceptPopUP-76BB_BoConceptPopUP-78


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