Ask the Expert: Incorporating your TV into your design

by Ellie O’Leary
One of the constant questions I receive as a designer is “How do I display my TV without making it the focal point of the room?”  We all hate to love our flat-screens, so how do we design around them to lessen their prominence in our rooms?
One of the best ways to do so is to surround the TV with other art to take the emphasis away from it.  The TV then becomes part of a gallery wall, and dynamic art will draw attention away from that big black screen.  Tie it all in with a couple thin black frames and a black and white print.

If the TV is sitting on a media cabinet rather than mounted on the wall, you can even prop the art pieces behind and around for a more layered look.

clip0000 copy

Keep the rest of the accessories (cable box, DVD player, gaming consoles, etc.) stashed neatly inside a sleek media cabinet to further downplay the equipment and hide all the messy wires.  Instead, use that surface for some interesting books, a colorful vase, or a unique lamp.

clip0000 copy 2

BoConcept has an incredible new collection of gallery pieces, accessories, and media cabinets!  Let our designers help you create the perfect solution for your TV wall!


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