The Family Business

by Shane Kalminski

In honor of Grandparents Day this Sunday, we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the grandfathers of BoConcept; The two men who started it all.

It was 1952 in Denmark when two young craftsman decided to open a furniture store with one simple goal: To provide for their families.

The original furniture warehouse

The original furniture warehouse

Over the course of 61 years that business would grow to become one of the worlds leading international retail furniture chains with 300 stores in every big city.

Our founders, Tage Mølholm and Jens Ærthøj are both good-tempered people who built their brand on the two basic principles of respect and diversity.

Today, the men have passed the torch on to their children and grandchildren, many of whom operate their own stores or work on the corporate level.

The thousands of owners, designers, deliverymen, furniture makers and everyone in between is a part of the global BoConcept family and we thank Mr. Mølholm and Mr. Ærthoj for their passion, dedication and drive. To the next 61 years!


Tage Mølholm and Jens Ærthøj sitting at one of their original designs.

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