In the Spotlight: Kevin Grace

by Shane Kalminski
A true gem, Chicago is lucky to have celebrated interior designer Kevin Grace living in our city!
A stand-out on season six of HGTV’s reality competition ‘Design Star,’ and the host of “Saving Grace” on ‘Windy City Live,’ Grace combines his cool, modern style with timeless pieces for a beautiful, curated look.
Fun-loving and armed with a contagious smile, we sat down with KG and asked a few questions about his work, his advice for designers and his favorite places!
How did you get started in Interior Design?
My Mother would tell you that I got started at a VERY early age.
I was always changing the look of my bedroom to fit my very changing look with the current fashion styles.  Sometimes it was paint, sometimes even wallpaper, but it was constantly changing.
Of course, this led me into a 20+ year career in the fashion industry, but I never stopped re-working any of the apartments that I lived in over the years.
Friends really liked the style of my places, and eventually I started getting hired by friends and family to help them.
For the last 10 years, I’ve been what I considered a “Closeted Designer”.  It wasn’t until I auditioned and made the final cut to be on HGTV’s Design Star, that I finally “came out,” as a designer.
What advice do you have for people interested in pursuing a career in Interior Design?
Of course schooling would have mad my transition a lot easier, but I think my knowledge and experience in the fashion world really prepared me.  The 2 really mirror each other when it comes to color and style.  So if you’re informed on both, you’ll hit the mark.
Do you have a proudest design accomplishment or moment?
My proudest “moment’ has to be every time I hand over a finished space and my client is HAPPY! I’m proud to say we have a 90% retention on all of our clients.
Chicago Top 3 List:
My Top 3 places in Chicago that inspire me are…
Museum of Contemporary Art
Gucci Store
Home Depot  (true!)
You can find Kevin on facebook at Kevin Grace/Design Star, Pinterest or catch him on ABC’s Windy City Live!
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