The Newest Collection in Urban Danish Design

by Shane KalminskiImage

DESIGN, the international mailer from BoConcept released the 2014 edition on September 1st.

This is more than just a catalog!

Filled with articles and resources from our interior designers around the globe and images by talented photographers of exquisite, expertly curated locales, DESIGN is meant to awe and inspire.

Here’s a sneak peak of some of what’s inside:


‘Room Full of Soul’ is a “cultural collision.” Curated items inspired by many different cultures and decades come together stunningly within the walls of the protected pavilion of Langelinie in Copenhagen, overlooking the statue of The Little Mermaid.

The gorgeous, unexpected wood paneled walls and parquet floors transport us to Tribeca, New York.


Still one of the hottest colors for your home, ‘The Love of Grey,’ is set inside a beautiful lake house in Denmark. This more formal setting features use of concrete, glass and wood with natural materials carried through in every piece.


In ‘The Art of Small Living,’ we discuss how to get the most of your space.

Set in the meatpacking district of Copenhagen in what used to be a warehouse stocking cow-hides, the converted modern art gallery is the perfect imperfect place to showcase vintage style in a contemporary way.

You’ll see a new, more diverse style with a relaxed and personal bohemian twist that perfectly walks the fine line between too much and too little.



A stylish and modern flat sets the tone for “High on City Style,” where high-class beauty and minimalism effortlessly create high contrasts between material, color and finish.

Inspired by classic styles where timeless furniture is paired with interesting lamps, plush, luxurious rugs and attention catching art, this space is an international, stylish affair and a brilliant example of understated elegance.



The trendy STAY Hotel in Denmark was the location for “High on City Style.”

Filled full of great solutions for your home, unique ways of combining furniture with accessories and of course, stunning images, we’re sure you’ll fall in love with the 2014 BoConcept collection in DESGIN.

34 versions in 19 languages.

320 breathtaking photos.

164 pages of inspired design.

2.2 million copies…

and here’s how to get yours:

order one online at:

read our digital copy at:

or come in to any BoConcept showroom around the world!

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