Designer Inspiration of the Week: Ellie

by Ellie O’Leary

My current obsession is Odessa, an insanely cool new diner in Kiev, Ukraine.

The interior is a clean Scandinavian look, but the showstopper is the almost 20 miles of rope wrapping the walls and suspended from the ceiling.

The ropes complement the light oak wood throughout, accented by raw sandstone, black steel, and copper.


I couldn’t help but realize how easily this look could be created with pieces from BoConcept!

Bare bulb pendants suspended in multiples give a maritime feel, and our gear candleholders enhance the industrial feel of the rope-and-pulley system featured in the small dining areas.

The pendants and the candleholders would both provide sources of indirect lighting that characterizes the restaurant’s mood.

Of course, some rope accents are necessary, like this mirror from!


Clean oak tables with black pedestal bases are surrounded by bentwood chairs in gray flannel.  The scattered pendants above add warmth.


This look can be achieved with BoConcept extendable dining tables and London chairs upholstered in grey wool felt.

The new copper “Pinecone Pendant” would add the same architectural detail and warmth to the setting as the ones featured at Odessa.


The two large copper tandoor ovens are a standout in the open kitchen!

Accessorize with wooden baskets from BoConcept to mimic that distinctive shape.

Add some secondary concrete pendant lighting as a nod to the prominent sandstone throughout Odessa, and top it off with wire sculpture reminiscent of the slender architectural shelving!



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