The Book of Mormon in Chicago

by Shane Kalminski


With the final date marked for October 6th at the Bank of America Theatre, time is running out to see The Book of Mormon in Chicago!

From the wildly creative and twisted minds of Matt Stone and Trey Parker, The Book of Mormon has been one of the most celebrated musicals of all time.

When I saw it, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I hadn’t listened to the soundtrack but, being a fan of South Park, anticipated that I would have a fun time. It wasn’t long after I took my seat that I could tell this show would do more than make me laugh; It would make me feel and think.

The genius that is The Book of Mormon is it’s ability to make us laugh at the troubles and problems of the world.

It’s not a wishy-washy kind of story. It is, however, one that will make you so appreciative of the things you have. It will make you laugh at and with yourself.


While they were visiting from Detroit, my two favorite high school teachers brought me with them to see the show. It was an amazing experience!

So hurry before you miss out! Get your tickets here:


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