Cramped Style: Small Space Living Solutions

by Shane Kalminski

Many people living in a big city can tell you that often you don’t get much bang for your buck. Personally, my own studio is smaller than some peoples walk-in closets!

Learning how to make the most of a small space can be difficult. If you’re like me, it can be stressful choosing what to keep; “but what if I want this later?” “I can find room for it!”

I’ve been in my new place for about a month and I’m still trying to de-clutter. However, by following a few simple rules, I’ve been able to maximize my tiny studio!

1. Make your furniture work over-time!

Put beds on tall risers to create extra under-storage. Use cubes or ottomans as seats, but also as places to keep extra linens or clothing.


the BoConcept sleeper ottoman turns into a twin size bed and is easy to move!


the BoConcept Storage Bed is an excellent hiding place for items like CD’s and off-season clothing!

2. Be creative! Think critically about HOW you live.

For instance, I’m not much of a cook and therefore don’t have use for all the pots and pans I owned. I do, however, have a lot of clothes.

Rather than bringing in an extra piece of furniture like a dresser, I donated the cookware and use my kitchen drawers as a place to keep my clothes!

If you don’t have a lot of clothes but need a home office, maybe your closet can fit your desk? Really evaluate your priorities and don’t stress over how things are “supposed to be.”

3. Keep it in it’s place! This is simple; every item should have a home… and not on the counter! If you have nowhere to store an item, it’s time to decide if it’s worth holding on to.


Our storage coffee table could be a great home for books, remotes, charging chords and DVDs!

A few other tips to keep in mind are LIGHTING! Have as much natural light as possible in a small space. This will prevent it from feeling dark and crowded.

Shelving can be your best friend! Use shelves all the way up a wall to create storage or use shelves to create focal points.

Living in a small home doesn’t have to be cramped. If you stick to these guidelines, you’ll be much more comfortable and won’t have to worry about tripping over shoe collection!

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