Designer Pick of the Week: Ann’s Pick

by Ann Border

MUCHACHA AHCAHCUMU – I have never been able to find out much about my current obsession, mostly because of its regional exclusivity. Founded by Masako Shinya, Muchacha Ahcahcumu is a Japanese fashion label that is mind-blowingly difficult to obtain.

You can search on EBay, Amazon and all the other associated places and all you’ll find is super marked up imports and knock offs. I’ve been fortunate enough to locate a few legitimate retailers on Ebay, and I got my hands on their Spring/Summer 2013 “Mook” which is a combination book/magazine.

This functions as their catalog as well as a place to feature some beautiful collages and editorial photo shoots. When I made the purchase I was under the impression I was ordering a bag, after a little research (and much to my surprise) the moderately high price tag was for the catalog – the bag was a bonus!

The mook comes with a purse and mini bag much like a cereal box promotional prize.

Long story short – Muchacha showcases lots of cutesy animal prints, licensed characters like Bambi, and somewhat creepy eyeball motifs, lips and disconnected baby doll heads.
It’s definitely worth taking a look because the J-fashion scene is so refreshing when you’re tired of the same old collections every season.
I’m willing to bet you’ve never seen anything like this before.
Ann with her prized Muchacha bag

Ann with her prized Muchacha bag

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