In the Spotlight: Sarah Vargo


Sarah Vargo and her smile that lights up the room!

Sarah Vargo, the self-made woman behind the Chicago based promotion and events brand Maven, LLC is a true girl about town.

Her inviting personality and sincere smile are a staple in the Chicago social scene but it’s her views on paying it forward and trusting her intuition that have elevated her to many successes, including being honored as the Top 1% of LinkedIn Profiles for 2012 and was also recognized by Connect Inspire Grow for being inspirational.

Gifted with the ability to connect the right people to each other, many well-known (and some up-and-coming) names in Chicago’s fashion, PR, design, arts and entertainment and other industries have Ms. Vargo to thank for her contributions to their start!

She’s produced the Diva and Divo Series for over five years – an event series for women and men respectively that honors successful and motivated professionals.

BoConcept Chicago sat down with Vargo for some insight on design, life and of course, the Windy City!


Have you always been the social butterfly you are today? Where did your journey start?


I have to say that my Mom kept meticulous notes about me in my baby book and said I was quite the social butterfly so it has always been a part of me. I have had moments of extreme awkward shyness though, so I think I am easily able to relate to a range of people.

I’m not as much of a social butterfly as I used to be – these days I enjoy a more relaxed scene with my inner circle of friends. These days I am focusing on my future work with a new charitable company I Am Selfless and also starting my own life coaching and motivational company called Stargo to inspire others to unleash their inner STAR and GO for their dreams.Stargo also happens to be my nickname.


What advice do you have for someone who is just starting to go after their dreams?


My advice is to definitely go for it and believe in your dreams! Know what you want and what you are worth and put it out there to the universe.

Manifest, surround yourself with supportive people, dream and think BIG. Don’t be afraid of the possibilities and ignore the naysayers. Be willing to learn and trust your instincts…follow your heart. Live your passion with integrity and success and happiness with follow.


What’s on your Top Three Chicago List?


My favorite things are the Chicago comedy scene (such talented comedians in this city including my brother,) the Art Institute and Lake Shore Drive – I could drive on that forever (and sometimes that happens when there’s traffic). |

And to turn the tables a bit, Sarah asked us one of her design questions!


What are some ways to unleash your inner designer depending on your personality? What are some styles that are popular now and why?


The first step in unleashing your inner designer starts with some introspection. Consider your favorite things; Music, foods, textures that you love, a piece of art. The next step is conceptualizing. How can those things translate into your space.

Determine how you want to feel in your space and then consider places that evoke that feeling.

Perhaps you want a bedroom that’s calming, so if you feel calm being at the Ocean, chose items reflective of that environment.

There isn’t a true right or wrong in design choices so be yourself and have fun!

In 2014, the colors you’ll see a lot of are shades of blue similar to the colors on social media sites and emerald green.

Bringing elements of nature indoors is huge, so having items like driftwood, twigs or botanicals is trendy, as well as animal prints

Having fun in design is a big trend this year, so including some whimsical or nostalgic items in more conservative rooms is important in today’s more casual, relaxed and individualized approach to interiors. The key trend in 2014 is creating a space that is unique and truly you. |

Sarah has a lot of exciting things on her plate this year with the launch of her new brand Stargo, the release of her book “Life Is Your Party” and starting with the I Am Selfless philanthropy!

The team of BoConcept Chicago is so excited to be honored in the next Maven Diva and Divo Series!

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