Designer Pick of the Week

by Ellie O’Leary
My current obsession is Lollapalooza this weekend!
What an awesome gathering of music-lovers all willing to deal with the sunburns, sweat, and mud (and somehow always a thunderstorm) to be a part of this festival!
I’m most excited to see Grant Kwiecinksi (aka GRiZ) perform on Saturday.  I went to high school with Grant back in Metro-Detroit, and he brings a whole new groove to the electronic genre with soul and funk permeating his beats – nothing compares to his live saxophone accompaniment!
Best of all, Grant is an artist in the true sense of the word – creative, imaginative, and always hungry to try to create or learn something new. He puts it best:
“This business – when you boil it down – is not about the machine, but about the man.  Even electronic music is humanistic.  We breathe life into these dead things to make them whisper and ROAR!!  I am inspired by that fact, and this is what sets me free.”
Lollapalooza is this weekend at Millennium Park. For the full concert line-up and to purchase tickets, visit:
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