by Shane Kalminski

Exclusive and beautiful, marble is a stunning and eye-catching way to bring nature indoors. Formed by millions of years of pressure, heat and crystallization of limestone, marble is certainly a rock worth waiting for.

Used as the medium for creating some of history’s most famous sculptures such as the statue of David  and the Venus De Milo to the entire construction of the Taj Mahal, the Parthenon and the Washington Monument, marble has withstood the test of time proving to be a wise investment.

The Statue of David. You're allowed to look smug if you're made of marble.

The Statue of David. You’re allowed to look smug if you’re made of marble.

Renters often don’t have a choice in kitchen counters, and home-owners might find the marble option to be pricey. BoConcept is happy to offer a way for you to have marble in your home with our line of elegant coffee tables.

The neutral white, brown and grey hues will compliment any space and each piece is completely one of a kind!

Visit for full product details!

Visit us at 1901 N.Clybourn to see our table in person or speak with one of our designers!

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