“Trade Up!”

Today at Boconcept Chicago, students from the Francis W. Parker School’s Underground Camp came into our showroom.

Having started their mission with nothing but a paper-clip, the group has gone around to local businesses with a simple goal of trading up.

By the time they made it to us, they had a decorative magnifying glass, a box of CLIFT bars, an autographed NFL picture, two Bears tickets and a hot-pink lamp!

Having just moved to a new apartment, designer Ricks eyes lit up the second he saw the lamp.

We kept teasing him that it was very “Barbies Dream House,” but he insisted that with some black spray-paint, he could make it chic and masculine.

Rick scoured through the store and finally found two items the group was willing to trade for; a shiny shag door-mat and the Smartville pillow.

Satisfied with the deal, the students left happy and Rick has a cool new piece and a fun story to go along with it!

Stay tuned for updates of Rick’s repurpose design project!

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