Introducing Ellie

by Shane Kalminski
Name: Ellie O’Leary
Position/Title at BoConcept: Design Consultant
Hometown: Birmingham, MI
Ellie O’Leary is the newest designer to the BoConcept team and she’s already off to a great start! The first thing you’ll notice about Ellie is her warm, sincere smile followed by a friendly greeting.
What leaves a lasting impression, however, is her kind heart.
Honest and caring, Ellie has a pleasant disposition that will make you feel at ease working with her. She has an ear that listens to the needs of others and a trained eye that will help make your design dreams a reality.
Paying close attention to detail, her style is tailored providing a strong foundation for a space. Concerned with ever looking too uptight, she mixes styles, layers textures and highlights personal accents to create rooms that look curated, evoking a personality that reflects the spirit of those who live there.
Having studied in Florence under the direction of internationally renowned architect Filippo Caprioglio, Ellie learned to appreciate modern transformations of historic spaces. It was in Italy that she discovered her personal philosophy:
“The best design always stems from individual lifestyles, needs and experiences. To me, this is the epitome of ‘urban modern,’ and is the foundation of my approach to design every day!”
With a degree in architecture and professional experience in custom furniture, interior design and graphic design, Ellie is able to critically evaluate every aspect of your project.
From the architecture of the room itself and the furniture placed within it, to the small details that make everything unique, she creates spaces that are layered, relaxed and tell a story.
She is passionate and she’s talented, but above all, Ellie is a genuinely nice person and that’s what makes her a great designer to work with. If you’d like to schedule an appointment or have any questions, contact her directly via email at or visit us in our showroom at 1901 N. Clybourn Ave.

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