Inside Designer Ann’s New Apartment

by Shane KalminskiImage
In Japanese pop-culture the term kawaii simply means cute, and it’s the perfect word to describe designer Ann Border’s Humboldt Park apartment.
Having just moved in three months ago, Ann has already started making the space her own with personal touches abound and a treasure-trove of oddities known only the likes of Chinatown.
Desk (1)
Her style is eclectic and truly original; A balancing act.
Effortlessly pairing crazy, bold color palletes with calm, serene ones, her place manages to still feel cohesive.
Though filled with whimsical items and toys, theres still a maturity to it that evokes a sense of nostalgia; It says “I’m an old soul,” but also, “I’m a kid at heart.”
Bedroom1 (2)
Filled with many found vinatge pieces, hand-me-downs and working with exitisting wall-colors, Ann says she just “got lucky that everything seems to work together.”
With so much stuff, I wanted to know if Ann had any favorite peices and it seemed like I asked her to pick a favorite child. “I love it all,” she said, “but if I have to pick, maybe the desk we found from an elementry school… or no! My Lego Hogwarts Castle. That thing took forever to make!”
If you’d like to schedule a desgin appointment with Ann, contact her directly at!

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