Inside Studio 503

by Shane Kalminski


Fun, organized and inspired, BoConcept designer Emily Wiegel wanted a place to relax and decompress at the end of the day. “It’s a ‘glass of wine get-together with a girlfriend’ kind of place.”

Having originally fallen in love with the size, architectural features and chic location near the Lincoln Park zoo, Emily created a space she’s giddy about that not only reflects her personal style, but puts it on display.

“My entire studio is basically just a walk-in closet,” says Wiegel, 25, who found creative solutions for organized living in a small space. “I used to have everything crammed into my closet; Jewelry was all tucked away.” By having everything visually and easily accessible, Emily is able to use more of the accessories she’s invested in over time. “You’ve spent money on this stuff, you don’t want it to go to waste.”



Using shelving as a room divider, Emily proudly displays her fabulous collection of heels. Necklaces are purposefully hung on the wall. Sunglasses become a beautiful bouquet. By making sensible and mindful design choices, items that so often wind up lost, tangled or broken transform into art that in their purest forms translate to a guest exactly who lives in this apartment.



Expressions of self are on display all over Emily’s studio; From her Paris throw-pillow (she’s studied French since kindergarten) to the canvas headboard she painted herself. It’s the sense of stillness and warmth, however, that makes this apartment beautiful, playful and one of a kind.


If you’d like to schedule a design appointment, contact Emily directly at or 1.773.388.2900.


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