The Talented Mr. Stewart

by Shane Kalminski

When I sent an email to the staff requesting they fill out a questionnaire, I was curious why I never heard back from Rick. Finally, on the day it was due, he approached me with a piece of paper.

He explained to me that he just “has a way of doing things.”

“I want them done right,” he said. “I just couldn’t stand how this looked composed in an e-mail.”

Rick handed me his printed answers formatted on card-stock with a personal water mark. In a way, I felt like he just handed me the most stunningly laid out resume I’ve ever seen. That’s just how Rick operates.


I learned very quickly that this man is a professional and that if his name is attached to a project, he will stop at nothing to ensure that it’s carried out with the highest quality.

Rick has a way of balancing masculine and feminine aspects of design that make for unforgettable spaces that are as handsome and dapper as they are beautiful and inviting. You won’t be disappointed having this award-winning and talented man as your designer and you can only find him at BoConcept Chicago.


Rick Julian Stewart

Design Consultant

Hometown: Carbondale, IL

Education: Interior Design, CIDA accredited university

Architectural Studies, NAAB accredited university

Sassy and honest, there’s no way you could be disappointed with your space after working with Rick Julian Stewart. At a young age, his work has earned him international accolades, having placed first out of thousands in the Sherwin-Williams Stir Color competition as well as placing first in the commercial design category for the globally recognized RDI awards.

Modern, refined, fresh and edgy, Rick’s work often combines classic elements with a pop of something you’ve never seen before. His intuitive nature will put you at ease trusting him to make key decisions for your project that are focused on your needs and individuality. “At the end of the day my style is unique and based on the movement.”

If you’d like to schedule a design appointment, contact Rick directly at or 1.773.388.2900.


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